Originally from Los Angeles, Kyle Connaughton set forth on a mission of personal discovery; to go everywhere, learn from everyone, and put an ultimate effort into education and coming together on a vison. This vision was then enacted on, signaling the start of the next plenitude.
Chef Connaughton spent many years in Japan, living and perfecting his craft. He often reflects on the Japanese term, "Kaizen Which", which translates to 'good change'. Kaizen Which is a crucial part of Chef Connaughton's outlook on life. It provokes him with the thought, "How do we become better, better humans and better versions of ourselves?"

Chef Connaughton's Japanese Influence and mindset come together to truly embrace the next Plénitude. This is where Dom Pérignon and Chef Kyle's cosmic partnership begins.


"If you think about the history and legacy of Dom Pérignon, it's really about this ethos of always improving, thinking, and going deeper".

Chef Kyle continues to elaborate on this thought, ultimately coining the phrase as an act of "perfecting perfection", a remarkably suitable fit when describing Plénitude 2.


Chef Connaughton delves into the pairing of Plénitude 2, and the reverence for nature, season, and flavor that comes along with his pairings.

The Dining experience is not only about food, but the entire sensory experience that's built around it. It's like story-telling, telling the story of our farm.
Kyle Connaughton

All the intricate dishes that Chef Connaughton craft's is through the purpose of "telling the story of today". This being so, they don't have a menu put out in advance. "Guests arrive," and simply put "we cook for them. Whatever is at its peak season in our farm is what truly dictates what is on the menu any given night."
The paradox of Plénitude, with a close to 15 years of slow transformation in the cellars, paired with Chef Connaughton's spontaneity, births an astound and unique pairing.