2016 Limited Edition



2016 Limited Edition

Dom Pérignon collaborates with renowned German artist Michael Riedel to celebrate the time required to create Dom Pérignon wines. 

He created a dynamic optical universe that perfectly captures the harmonious energy and unique taste of the vintages of Dom Pérignon. 

In Riedel’s distinctive limited edition box and labels, the unique pattern created by the artist is a poetic metaphor for the passage of time that brings the wine to the point of its perfect balance.

He has taken the D and P in Dom Pérignon’s name and has created a complex layering of the two letters across both the box and the bottle labels. 

The resulting motif relates to that of the posters used as wallpaper during the artist’s spring exhibition at David Zwirner, New York. The text on the posters derives from a website selling fine art supplies. By utilizing this text, Riedel subverts the intended use of the products being offered for sale and uses the information as undefined art material.