Dom Pérignon<br>& Michael Riedel



Dom Pérignon
& Michael Riedel

To celebrate its Second Plénitude - P2 -, Dom Pérignon turned to the contemporary artist Michael Riedel.
To echo the organic, elaborative and creative essence of Dom Pérignon P2 1998, Riedel created an exceptional art piece: the Dom Pérignon P2 Monolith limited to an exclusive series of 25.

A monolithic solid block of marble that has been decorated with a unique pattern the artist created exclusively for Dom Pérignon. When the marble is opened it reveals within its depths a single bottle of P2. Its shape has been painstakingly carved from the original pure white stone. It is as if, with the opening of the piece, the P2 can finally be revealed to the world in all its exceptional glory.

In his work on the P2 Monolith, Michael Riedel explores the nature of Dom Pérignon and the idea of the passage of time, the layering of years needed so that the P2 could come to fruition.
P2 Monolith is a celebration of the interval between the First Plénitude and the Second Plénitude, which makes all the difference in the P2’s singular character and intensity.

Discover the journey of this collaboration between Michael Riedel and Dom Pérignon: