Dom Pérignon x Bvlgari



Dom Pérignon x Bvlgari

Dom Pérignon x Bvlgari symbolizes the encounter between Italian and French savoir-faire, and elevates it to a symbol of savoir-vivre.

For this unique partnership with Dom Pérignon, the Roman jeweler created a customized version of the Serpenti necklace, where pink gold is matched with white diamonds and onyx.

The bespoke Bvlgari Serpenti necklace sensuously circles a magnum bottle of Dom Pérignon x Bvlgari Limited Edition Vintage Rosé 2004. In an alluring display, the necklace’s snake is rose in color to woo Dom Pérignon Rosé. Returning the admiration, the bottle covers itself in the snake’s scaled motif, and its rosegold label echoes the snake’s hue.

Bvlgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé was born from the encounter between two Maisons guided by common values and vision, today embodied by their creators. Creative Director Lucia Silvestri and Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon concurred on how the two iconic Maisons are driven by perpetual renewal and bound in myriad ways, but above all, by their shared inspiration and singularity.

Just four Bvlgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé Limited Editions will be created, available only on demand beginning in 2021, in London, Milan and Tokyo.