Lenny Kravitz Designs Three Design Pieces for Dom Pérignon



Lenny Kravitz Designs Three Design Pieces for Dom Pérignon

Named as Dom Pérignon’s Creative Director in 2018, Lenny Kravitz explores a new facet in his collaboration with the Champagne house: the role of designer. Inspired by the singular atmosphere that surrounds tasting champagne, Lenny Kravitz decided to interpret this unique experience, creating a collection of three design pieces that will be available in 2019.

Lenny Kravitz has elevated the iconic Dom Pérignon bottle through this collaboration – creating a limited-edition bottle featuring a hand hammered finish on the surface of the iconic shield. The limited-edition bottles are available for the Vintage 2008 as well as the Rosé Vintage 2006.

The inspiration sparked by Dom Pérignon’s storied history didn’t stop at the reimagination of the bottle. Lenny Kravitz was moved to create a vessel for the Magnum bottle that enhances the duality and functionality of the collection as a whole; with a box that transforms into a candleholder. The brutalist-art-inspired candleholder is velvet-lined and reinforced by a faux snakeskin texture – creating an idyllically transformative harmony between masculinity and femininity. The piece inspires to create a secondary installation of elevation around the exclusive ritual of enjoying Dom Pérignon. 

The masterpiece of the collection is the Champagne Table. The black lacquer table with brushed brass trim unfolds to reveal bottles of Dom Pérignon, glasses, and an ice bucket in the center. Lenny Kravitz adds a new chapter to his shared vision of a story of savoir-faire in which each element imparts meaning to the quest for excellence. Design is a source of emotion, continuing a story written with each tasting.

“I wanted to create something that would elevate the ritual of drinking Dom Pérignon, that would bring people together.”