Rosé 1959


The grape's ripeness radiates with an opulence that is full, yet never heavy. The warm, full and fairly sweet initial sip introduces its powerful body. A bold, full-bodied and long-lasting flavor, with surprising notes of fruit, vanilla and undergrowth. The vintage reveals a remarkably fresh end note.


A spectacular vintage. The rich aroma reveals notes of oriental tobacco, honey, licorice and fig as well as hints of caramel-coffee and chocolate.

Tasting notes

"Beautiful rose and gold color…nice delicate bread, rose and caramel to the nose…much more open and tasty on the palate with gorgeous bread flavors, rose supplements, white chocolate, vitamins, minerals …oustanding class…excellent breed and richness. " John Kapon, April 2008 (Catalogue Vente aux Enchères de la Cave de Robert Rosania, New York, 25 April 2008)

The 1959 Harvest

The harvest began on September 10th under conditions rarely enjoyed in the Champagne region. Everything combined to make the year a quintessential vintage.