Rosé 1995


The depth of this wine reveals itself only gradually, giving an overall impression of contained, almost channelled, strength. The initial sensation of fullness is followed by a delicate, textured feel on the palate, gently leading to a firm, precise finish (spices with a hint of vanilla).


Aromas of dried flowers and honey marry rapidly with notes of candied fruit, citrus zest and apricot. The bouquet is rounded off with smoky nuances and a touch of rye.

The 1995 Harvest

The year was notable for its exceptional summer: a fairly overcast spring meant that the vines flowered late but quickly. The summer compensated for the spring, with a heat wave arriving at the end of June. For two months, there was hardly any rain, just a few isolated clouds and above-normal temperatures that seat a 30 year record. The harvest began on September 18 for the Chardonnay and on September 25 for the Pinot noir grapes.