Daisy Ryan


Meet Daisy Ryan, Dom Pérignon devotee and Michelin star chef. Her restaurant stands out in the heart of California’s countryside as a culinary destination that celebrates the every day.

It is a representation of simple elegance combining luxurious, rich and complex flavors, which harmoniously align with the balance and multi-faceted nature of Plénitude 2.

Plénitude 2

My involvement with Dom Perignon is incredibly eye opening and an incredible honor.

Plénitude 2

Plénitude keeps evolving and changing, it is living and breathing. It changes for the better, which is nice in a world focused on negative change.

Champagne should feel celebratory but can also be something that one is comfortable drinking for no reason at all. Pairing it with high quality, elegant and light food enables to drink champagne while eating. This beverage can be enjoyed all through meal.

Just like Dom Pérignon, Bell’s food aims at being recognizable and reflective of the time and place it comes from.

Keep evolving. Keep reinventing who you are.


The concept of French cuisine depicts the philosophy at Bell’s. The emphasis is put on French food, however menus can be influenced by other cuisines like the Italian or Spanish ones. It also serves as a reminder not to take oneself too seriously, as the restaurant simply aims gathering people around food and wine.

Daisy Ryan enjoys cooking what she is comfortable with, which includes local produce as much as possible. The valley offers access to some of the best produce and seafood in the country. She uses French techniques that she knows and appreciates to create structure in the menus. She values the harmony of flavors so that they complement and highlight one another.

Plénitude 2 2003 goes perfectly with a dish based on Santa Barbara halibut crudo, creme fraiche, panna cotta and tomato concentrate, topped with herbs from the garden.