Val Cantu is the accomplished chef and owner of Californios, the two Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco. Chef Cantu specializes in Mexican fine-dining, sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms. Californios features a nightly tasting menu of about 12 courses, which stays true to California cuisine and the grilling, smoking and clean preparations of vegetables and proteins.

My Dad, who is Mexican, insisted on always utilizing the best ingredients in order to have an impactful dish. This was something he instilled in me from a very early age
Val Cantu

Harmony and respect of fine craft is at the basis of the union between Chef Cantu and Dom Pérignon.
Californios flavors are really delicate and focused. When Plénitude 2 2003 and these unique Mexican dishes are married together, it creates a flavor profile even more special.


"The mastery that goes into Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 2003 depicts the unparalleled level of excellence, craft and mastery that Californios similarly strives for."
Exceptionality unites Chef Cantu's craft with Dom Pérignon. The timelessness of the flavors are a shared characteristic that allows the pairing to push the boundaries of a classic dish.

When I think about harmony and dishes, I consider every ingredient being exceptional on its own. When it comes to food pairings, especially with Dom Pérignon, all ingredients must to match the level of elevation that Plénitude 2 2003 represents.
Val Cantu


Chef Cantu prepared a pairing of grilled Cavendish bananas with a lightly smoked Beluga-hybrid Caviar, alongside a savory, toasted allecha with date and fresh coconut milk.
“The dish pairs well with Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 2003 as it is comprised of really simple ingredients, all of which are classic, clean and timeless.”

Dom Pérignon is the same thing. They take these amazing grapes and craft it into a champagne that is highly exceptional. The reason they're able to do that time and time again, is because they've practiced and honed their craft to a level of mastery that is truly unparalleled.
Val Cantu